Part 1: Family Partner Practitioners- "You Had Me At Hello."

“You had me at hello.” The famous line between Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger, from the movie Jerry Maguire resonates with many parents and caregivers the first time they meet their Family Partner Practitioner. But what is it about the work that Family Partner Practitioners (FPPs) do? What makes it different than any other clinician or social worker? It’s their lived experience. Family Partner Practitioners bring to the field what others do not. The journey. They have raised, and often are still raising, their own children, grandchildren, or foster children that have mental health challenges. For a family who has never shared a space with someone who truly understands what that’s like, it's

Pinnacle Partnerships is Revolutionizing Childrens Mental Health

Mental health is quickly becoming one of the most talked about topics in our culture. Whether it be implicitly with #selfcare posts or explicitly like in iHeart Radio and Child Mind Institute's Mental Health Awareness campaign we are continuing to elevate the conversation around mental health. This is awesome because it helps to lower stigma and empower those who are experiencing mental health challenges to seek the help that they need. However, as we cast light on this essential aspect to human existence, there are undoubtedly flaws that become glaringly apparent. The question then becomes, what do we do about those flaws? As we talk more about mental health, we are also having lots of conv

Surviving the Stampede

It’s a jungle out there, so they say. As the parent of a child with significant mental health needs, we have times where is feels like a jungle and times when it feels like far less threatening… more like a petting zoo. Often times, I feel like the petting zoo we are living in feels like a jungle. The schedules, the daily interventions, providers, lists of things, trips to the pharmacy and on and on. However, it’s not until the stampede of elephants comes that I am reminded what the jungle really feels like. And it’s not pretty. I read an article recently about how to survive an elephant stampede. All I could think of was how I survive in the jungle of raising a child in the children’s menta

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