Curated COVID Resources

Resources for Parents and Caregivers


We know how tough this has been for parents and caregivers because here at Pinnacle we are all parents, too. We've sourced this list to help make things a bit easier in more ways than one. In general, helping children involves keen self awareness in adults so that we are modeling healthy coping mechanisms within a period of intense anxiety. This means that when adults acknowledge their anxiety, name it, and take the appropriate steps to alleviate it, children will learn to do the same. The truth is, the current state of affairs is a huge teaching opportunity related to resilience, emotional regulation, and self care. So, take time to really talk about it with the youth. Include how you are feeling and the steps you are taking to help yourself.

Parental Stess Line: 1-800-632-8188

Here are some resources to help you engage in this ongoing conversation with the youth in your life:


Social and Emotional Health Resources

Stress-reducing Activity Ideas

Resources For Educators

Resources for the Adults

Educational Resources

General resources

Open Culture – Free textbooks, movies and audiobooks. Links to endless free online courses by some of the greatest professors. Foreign language lessons. For K-12.

Weekly newsletter from PBS kids with activities and ideas


Scholastic: 20 days of at home lessons for families


Educational companies offering free subscriptions due to school closings


Social and emotional learning resources from parents who are teachers


CK-12 Foundation – Age-specific online learning in all subjects


Khan Academy – Free, comprehensive courses and learning resources


Khan Academy Kids - App-based lessons for ages 2–7



Read Works, free library of content, curriculum, and tools for grades K-12


International Children’s Digital Library – books from around the world in multiple languages

PBS Digital Media: Grade 6-12 ELA


SparkNotes – Guides to literature; read summaries along with your (generally) grade 6+ student; full text of classic works


Project Gutenberg – over 60,000 free online books


GAIM sample competitions (accelerated math grades 3-8, fun graphic novel format)


Bedtime Math for Families – daily word problems


PS 321 Math Site – Downloadable/printable math games and other resources


Khan Academy – Courses by grade (including Engage module support), and by subject


Youcubed – Inquiry-based challenge problems and lessons


Embarc Online – Eureka Math lessons and support materials for parents

Writing—Free online writing and grammar activities for students in grades 3-12


The American Museum of Natural History offers an amazing kids’ science website called OLogy, with games, stories, and tons of educational content in a kid-friendly design.


PS 321 Science Bulletin


Physics Central, run by the American Physical Society: experiments, videos, and cool comic books!

Their comic book series is here:


National Geographic Kids – experiments, fun facts, etc.


“But Why” podcast special episode: viruses, coronavirus explainer, and soap!:


Everyone’s favorite why-wash-your-hands experiment:


50 fun science experiments for kids using household stuff:


At-home science resources from parents who are teachers.


Watching the planet while stuck in the house: a list by Erik Klemetti


PBS Learning Media:

Grade 3-5 Science

Grade 6-12 Science:

Grade 9-12 Science:

Free coding sites/games for kids


Foreign language learning

Duolingo – 93 courses in 23 languages


Mango Languages – More than 70 languages. Free with some library memberships sign up currently free to schools


Open Culture language learning roundup: various collected courses and resources


Daily arts and activities for Children

Ideas for videos to post for Art:




Google Art Project: A new tool that gives you access to more than 1,000 works of art appearing in 17 great museums across the world.


ArtThink: Created by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, this site offers theme-based activities in visual arts, language arts, history and social studies.


Movenet – Video library for dance educators. Dance on film: all kinds.


Super Make-It: Extraordinary craft projects made from everyday supermarket items


Art Hub for Kids offers online drawing and other art lessons.


Qubits Polyhedron project – awesome homemade science/hands-on activity!


Cassie Stephens: Favorite Lessons for Home-Based Art Education (She also has a great YouTube channel FYI)


Weekly live art lessons: Lunch Doodles with Mo WIllems!


Free Comfort coloring pages to print:


TED-Ed Video Playlist Master List: a huge list of kid-friendly educational/fun videos for all age levels. If you desperately need a break while still feeling like it’s “educational” time, this is your spot.


The videos:


The spreadsheet list:


MIT K-12:


Physics Girl:


The Kid Should See This: aggregates interesting, kid-friendly videos focusing on science, art, technology, and more.


Pixel Academy Science Livestream:

Podcasts Titles for Kids

Tumble Science Podcast

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian

WOW in the World

Story Pirates

Earth Rangers

Pants on Fire

Brains On!

Forever Ago (History)

Noodle Loaf


Circle Round

NY Times: A Big List Of Podcasts for Little Kids


Podcasts for Tweens

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel

Young Ben Franklin

Six Minutes

Science Vs

Others on

Podcasts for Teens 

Radio Rookies 


The Spanish Experiment: Well-known children's stories translated into Spanish and spoken by a native Spanish speaker

Daily Online Activities

1 PM EST: Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems! Learners worldwide can draw, doodle and explore new ways of writing by visiting Mo’s studio virtually once a day for the next few weeks. Episodes will remain online for later streaming, and you can send your artwork and Q’s to for future episodes.


2 PM EST M-F: Oliver Jeffers reads and discusses one of his books.


2 PM EST: Studio JKK leads a daily art/drawing activity for kids online.


3 PM EST: Mac Barnett reads his books to kids on Insta live. Each episode stays up 24 hours.


3 PM EST: Cincinnati Zoo Home Safari Facebook Live


3/18 11AM PST: FBlive drawing session with Ben Clanton of Narwhal and Jelly:

Printable Worksheets

Great Schools worksheets for Pre-k to 5th grade:

Staying Active

Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube- for younger/early elementary

Couch to 5K for kids - here is one family oriented training plan:

Go Noodle -- short videos, fun way to get moving. Lots of content.