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Dahyana Schlosser


Dahyana Schlosser is a Registered Nurse and Child and Family Therapist. She self identifies as a helper and a healer with a very specific purpose in life. She has dedicated herself to helping children and families to overcome the challenges brought forth as a result of behavioral health problems. Dahyana built a private practice where she provides In Home Therapeutic Services to children and their families in Greater Boston. 

She has also consulted for various schools and districts in Massachusetts building communities of care related to children’s mental health. As a consultant, she has created professional development programs and implemented strategies that produced  favorable outcomes and true partnership with families. As an adjunct professor, Dahyana teaches students to be grounded in the ideals of Person Centered and Family Driven Practices.


She has also worked to support integration of behavioral health services into pediatric primary care settings. Her diverse and varied professional experiences in the mental health field shape her unique perspective and ability to be a creative problem solver.

Dahyana’s Super Powers:

Empathizer, Intuitive, Efficient, Resilient

Kristi Glenn


Kristi is shifting the landscape of children’s behavioral health care through raising family driven treatment to the highest elevation. Using her personal experiences as the parent of a child with significant mental health needs, Kristi has created a platform that integrates families, professionals, natural supports and other stakeholders together.

Some of Kristi’s work includes coaching and training to true family centered practices, creating collaborative teams, quality assurance and improvement in the field, and supporting cultural change in agencies. Kristi has presented at multiple conferences, webinars and has served in many volunteer capacities such as Board work, committees to reduce risk, restraint and seclusion, faith-based organizations, education advisory committees and much more.


Kristi believes Family Partners, and other professionals with the lived experience of raising children with mental health challenges, are the cornerstone to the evolution of children’s behavioral healthcare today.

Kristi's Super Powers:

Visionary, Innovator, Courageous, Mental Health Warrior

Andrew Ward


Meet Andrew, our Business Advisor at Pinnacle Partnerships. Andrew L. Ward is the Founder & President of Ward Financial Services, LLC. Andrew is also the Executive Director of Finance, Business & Development at Jubilee Christian Church in Boston, MA.


Andrew’s successful financial planning practice has landed him recognition from a variety of publications, newspapers, and organizations. Most notably, he has received Best of Boston from Boston Magazine five times. Andrew is a graduate of Bentley University and is the proud father of three children, Mason, Amaiya and Cameron. 


Andrew has been assisting Pinnacle Partnerships in modifying and perfecting our business plan. He always comes up with bright ideas and is great at challenging us to think outside of the box.


Andrew's Superpowers:

Leader, Analytical, Thinker, Dynamic

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