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Children and families enjoy 3rd annual Brockton Youth Family Fun Day at Tukis Playground

"Adien Faulk, 16, during the Brockton Youth Family Fun Day."

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Dahyana is interviewed by

"Children May Experience Social Cravings from Prolonged Isolation"

"Child and family therapist Dahyana Schlosser noticed an uptick in clients reporting loneliness. “It’s something coming up in almost every session,” she says."


The City of Brockton is pleased to announce that Kristi Glenn is our Citizen Spotlight week of August 24, 2021!

"Kristi Glenn is diligently working to support the Brockton community through Pinnacle Partnerships’ ‘Stomp Out Covid In Shoe City’ campaign. Through providing culturally competent information, supporting Brockton’s mobile clinics, and holding pop-up clinicsKristi works with her co-founder, Dahyana Schlosser, to bring wellness to the Brockton community."


Pinnacle Co-Founder Kristi is Featured in the Boston Voyager

"One of the things I am most proud of is I have built this career from the ashes of my life. I’ve only touched the surface of what has occurred. Yet through all of this, I have helped my son flourish in his own beautiful way."


Why some Brockton residents waited to get vaccinated and what changed their minds

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Pinnacle Co-Founder Dahyana is interviewed for an Article in the NYT

"What's Worrying Teenagers Right Now"

"Between the quarantines and the demonstrations, Crisis Text Line and other mental health professionals see a rise in teen anxiety."

A Pinnacle Series:

Parenting Children with Mental Health Challenges Across The Lifespan

Episode 1: Lived Experience Professionals 

Episode 2:  Residential Treatment Centers 

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Catch Pinnacle on these Featured Podcasts

Dahyana spoke with Podcast Host Celeste Viciere about her career as a mental health clinician and how all roads have lead to the work we do here at Pinnacle. Topics that were covered are: How Pinnacle pivoted in the face of Covid-19 and the services that we provide to educators school communities. 

Kristi spoke with Podcast Host Celeste Viciere about her career as a Lived Experience Professional and how all roads have lead to the work we do here at Pinnacle. 

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We had the pleasure of speaking with the amazing Ana Tibisa Ayobiojo on her Podcast “The Community Well”. We had a wonderful conversation about Pinnacle and our robust and multifaceted response to Covid19. We discussed the unique opportunities educators/schools have to connect with families and ways that families can support/nurture their children's mental health while engaging in self-care during these unprecedented times. 


Cofounder Kristi also shared her journey as a mother raising a child with mental health challenges. Thank you, Ana for sharing your platform with us and for providing the space for folks to have vulnerable conversations about mental health and wellness so that we can work together to remove the stigma associated with mental health challenges. You rock! 

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Co-Founder Kristi sat down with Yahaira Lopez at the Autism Sprinter to chat about Children's Mental Health, her journey as a mother raising a child with mental health needs, and how she has transformed that journey to become an advocate and give voice to others!