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At Pinnacle we remove the stigma associated with mental health challenges and replace it with fun, dynamic, engaging, and interactive  workshops. Workshops are available to schools, treatment providers, organizations,  and communities. 

Featured Workshop

 Sticks and Stones: Is Your Language Engaging Families Receiving Residential Care? 


This interactive presentation demonstrates how the shift to family-centered language matters deeply, impacts greatly and changes the trajectory for families, providers, and overall treatment planning. Learn the positive implications of family driven language and embrace how language ultimately supports youth returning home as quickly as possible. 



*This workshop is available in person or in webinar format.


Certify your Team with 

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

More Workshop Topics:

-Navigating Children's Mental Health Treatment 

-Recognizing and Responding to Mental Health in the Classroom.

-Responding to Mental Health Crisis in Children

-Collaborating Effectively with Parents

-Supporting Employee Mental Health


Also Available:

Consultation on Mental Health Program Development and/or Expansion

Customizable Webinar Series for Professional Development.

Family Synergy Specialists-Lived Experience Professionals poised to help individuals and organizations to navigate, understand, and to harness the power of family driven practices to fortify the mental health and resilience of all children. 



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